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Meeting the Challenge

Meeting the Challenge

 Category: Freemasonry  Publisher: Special Committee on Publications, Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario  Published: September 29, 1976  Download

The Lodge Office at Work.

Grand Lodge has produced this book in an attempt to fill a need which has often been expressed – the need for a practical handbook of lodge management. Running a lodge is a complex task, and warrants many skills. A brother who progresses through the chairs on his way to the East will by observation acquire some of the knowledge he needs. Certain of his duties are set out in the lodge bylaws, others in the Book of Constitution.

This book looks at a number of topics such as protocol and etiquette. The advice it offers has no independent constitutional authority. It contains suggestions which can be helpful, practical and comfortable to accepted Masonic usage. If you never had a newsletter, or never taken part in a public speaking course, or never been sure how to seat guests as a banquet, here you may find some of the answers.