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Charter Members

At the outset, let us remember our Charter members and founding Brothers who began the pursuit of Masonic brotherly love, relief and truth in this city on the 10th day of January, 1920. I now ask Brother Secretary to read that list.

Aird, K.Heughen, A.G.Nunnick, F.C.
Baker, F.C.Hodgetts, C.A.Pallister, E.E.
Davidson, J.Knox, J.E.Pallister, J.W.
Davidson, R.B.Lishman, F.B.Parrington, J.
Dawson, E.E.Logan, H.J.Patterson, J.
Dewar, W.G.Lyon, G.Rooney, E.F.R.
Donnell, A.MacDonald, J.A.Ross, A.M.
Dunlop, A.MacDougall, H.P.Rutherford, A.C.
Ferguson, G.H.MacLean, H.W.Salter, J.N.
Ferguson, J.B.Maharry, R.Scott, J.
Forde, G.H.McCallum, F.Stewart, A.K.
Gibson, G.McCruden, J.Stewart, R.M.
Gibson, J.A.McGill, G.M.Stewart, W.
Grant, J.McNeil, J.H.Stuart, W.
Gray, J.Milne, J.Stunnell, F.
Greenhalgh, J.Moffatt, J.J.Taylor, W.S.
Henderson, A.Nesbitt, H.W.Williamson, W.R.
Heney, F.A.Noble, E.P.Young, A.E.

Lodge Officers

W.M.W.Bro. J. Parrington
I.P.M.W.Bro. H.P. MacDougall
S.W.Bro. R.B. Davidson
J.W.Bro. G. Gibson
Sect.Bro. F.C. Baker
TreasurerW.Bro. W. Stuart
ChaplainW.Bro. J.B. Ferguson
D. Of C.W. Bro. E.P. Noble
S.D.Bro. A. Donnell
J.D.Bro. F.C. Nunnick
I.G.Bro. J. McGill
S.S.Bro. J.N. Salter
J.S.Bro. J. Davidson
TylerBro. A.K. Stewart
OrganistBro. A.C. Rutherford