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How to become a Freemason?

The first thing to recognize is that a man becomes a Freemason only through his own volition. We do not solicit members!


When a man makes his application the decision as to his acceptance rests with the Lodge members. If a man has some thought of becoming a Freemason he should approach a friend whom he knows to be a Mason, who will explain the process.

St. Andrew’s Lodge #560 is located in Ottawa, Ontario. However, we are willing to help any man anywhere in the world become a Freemason. We invite men who are interested in learning more about or joining Freemasonry to contact us with any further questions. For those who are certain in their decision to join Freemasonry, we are happy to assist you by providing the knowledge, resources and connections at our disposal in order for you to do so.

What do you require to become a Freemason?

To join Freemasonry, you generally must:

  • Be a man
  • Be of at least 21 Years of Age
  • Possess a belief in a supreme being, in whatever form or name
  • Be of good moral character


To join St. Andrew’s Lodge #560, you must have the following qualifications.

  • Be a resident of the Province of Ontario
  • Having resided within Ottawa, ON for the previous twelve (12) months
  • Have the ability to read and write in English


Be a Man:

The most commonly questioned of these qualifications is why women cannot join Freemasonry. While to some this rule seems chauvinistic and archaic, we prefer to see it as an equitable and respectful recognition of the benefits of gender-specific institutions. It is important to recognize the Masonic concordant body, the Order of the Eastern Star, which enables women to be included in the larger Masonic community. However, we do recognize that this is not true integration. The benefits of gender-specific organizations vary depending on the participant. Men joining Freemasonry have expressed the following as assets of gender exclusivity in the organization:

  • It is great to have “guy time”.
  • Friendships with men are different than with women, generally lacking sexual tension, but always being relatable.
  • Male-only fraternal loyalty does not often or easily threaten romantic relationships involving women.
  • Freemasonry, by its very existence and from its earliest days, represents certain basic freedoms including freedom of association. The corollary to this freedom is the freedom to choose who to associate with.

It is important to understand that as part of joining Freemasonry, you’re becoming part of a family to whom you mutually promise friendship and support.

Be of at least 21 Years of Age.

This requirement changes from grand jurisdiction to grand jurisdiction, however, the minimum age required within the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario is 21 years.

Possess Belief in a Supreme Being:

The only religious requirement of Freemasonry is that anyone petitioning the degrees of Freemasonry not be an Atheist. This is not to limit anyone’s freedom of religion, but rather to ensure that its members believe that there is a power greater than themselves.

Any person joining Freemasonry ought to believe that they are serving a higher calling, and that their actions have consequences that carry beyond the grave.

It is important to emphasize that Freemasonry is not a religion, though it does include religious principles, specifically from the Judeo-Christian traditions.

While the Bible is one of the centerpieces of the Lodge and quotes from the Old and New Testament are recited in Lodge, it is not necessary that a Freemason be of any particular religion. At St. Andrew’s 560 Lodge, we welcome men from any faith, including and not limiting to Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Theist and Deist. All “traditions” are equally accepted and respected as validly fulfilling the required belief in a supreme being.

Be of Good Moral Character:

This last qualification is the most important. Rather than constructing stone buildings we are building towers of men and great frameworks of communities, because it is strength and support that will foster the prosperity of future generations. Being of good moral character is the most important qualification of becoming a Freemason; joining Freemasonry makes good men better.

Upon petitioning to a Lodge, an investigation committee will be assigned by the Worshipful Master. The purpose of the committee is to interview the petitioner and their references to determine the candidate’s motives for joining and to understand the nature of their character. The investigation committee reports their findings to the Lodge and, depending on the results, the Master Masons of the Lodge will vote on the new candidate’s admission.

Resident of the Grand Jurisdiction:

You must have been a full time resident in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge for the previous 12 months. Which is the Province of Ontario in Canada.

There may be exceptions to this requirement in regards to the time, but that can only be done by dispensation of the Grand Lodge.

Resided within the jurisdiction of the constituent lodge:

When joining Freemasonry, you ought to join a Lodge that is within an easy driving distance of your home. As such, that lodge is part of a Grand Jurisdiction. Same as it is required from an applicant to reside in their home province, country or commonwealth.

In order to join St. Andrew’s Lodge 560, you also need to be a resident within the jurisdiction of Ottawa, ON for the last 12 months.