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Millennial Apprentices

Millennial Apprentices

 Author: Samuel Friedman  Category: Freemasonry  Publisher: Samuel Friedman  Published: September 30, 2023  ISBN: 0996652809  Download

A new generation of American men has begun to enter the fraternity of Freemasonry. This group of young men belong to the second largest generation in America history. Known as the millennials, they possess unique motivations and aspirations for the Craft that are quite different from the several generations before them. This book looks at the current state of Freemasonry, how the Fraternity has arrived at this point and proposes restorations within the Craft that point the way forward into the twenty-first century. Written by a young and enthusiastic millennial Mason, this book is meant to inspire thought provoking discussion on what this new breed of Mason desires, and what it truly means to be a Mason in the twenty-first century.–www.amazon.com.