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The Classic Poems
The Classic Poems
Author: Robert Burns Category: Publisher: Chartwell Books Publish: 01 May, 2010 ISBN: 0785826149 Pages: 128 Pages Country: CA Language: en Dimension: File Size: Download

Robert Burns is one of the world’s greatest poets. Known as “The Ploughman Poet” or simply “The Bard” in his native Scotland, Burns translated a life of poverty and hardship into lines of verse which still touch everybody who reads them. The work of Robert Burns has a uniquely wide appeal. Abraham Lincoln knew many of his verses, and Bob Dylan recently admitted that it was “A Red Rose” that first inspired him to write.

The classic poems included in this collection show every facet of “Scotland’s best-loved son,” revealing not only Burns’s optimistic, will-o-the-wisp character, but also the passion for truth and justice which drove him to pick up his pen. Each poem in this collection comes with its own glossary of terms and there is an introduction to help familiarize readers with Burns’s style and vocabulary. This beautifully decorative hardcover collector’s edition is a necessary addition to any poetry lovers’ library.