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The Enigma of the Freemasons
The Enigma of the Freemasons
Author: Tim Wallace-Murphy, Marilyn Hopkins Category: Non-fiction Publisher: Disinformation Company Publish: 20 Jun, 2024 ISBN: 1932857443 Pages: 144 Pages Country: CA Language: en Dimension: File Size: Download

Tim Wallace-Murphy, a Freemason himself and an established authority and author in this field, has written what is perhaps the clearest and most accessible guide to Freemasonry yet. A beautifully illustrated hardcover with full color throughout, the book covers all of the key areas of interest in Freemasonry:
Origins and evolution: History and legend, the Solomon connection, and the Templar connectionInside Freemasonry: Precepts and beliefs, Blue Lodge Freemasonry, Ma-sonic practice, rituals of the lodge, and symbols and allegoriesMasonry universal: Freemasonry and society, anti-masonry, North American Freemasonry, and Masonry across the world