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The Mythology of the Secret Societies

The Mythology of the Secret Societies

 Author: J. M. Roberts  Category: Non-fiction  Publisher: Watkins  Published: April 1, 2008  ISBN: 190585756X  Download

People have always been fascinated by secret societies–and never more so than today, when our post-Da Vinci Code imaginations are newly fired up by conspiracy theories and clandestine plots for world domination. But what is the truth about these covert groups? Renowned historian J. M. Roberts brings us an engrossing history of some of the most famous of these fraternities. Critically acclaimed on its original publication, this perennially classic work has been refreshed for the modern market and its widespread interest in the role of such groups as the Freemasons.
Dr. Roberts analyzes the many forms secret societies take, and follows their origins, progression, and power–both real and perceived. His intelligent scholarship throws a penetrating light on a murky area of shifting and proliferating alliances between evanescent and shadowy organizations, and plots the legendary careers of many of the conspirators who became the demon kings of revolutionary Europe. It’s a smart, enthralling, and irresistible page-turner!