The master’s chair

The first meeting in the new masonic year went very well. I would like to express my appreciation to all who attended.

We conducted the regular business of the lodge, Bro. Levere gave a piece of education on the father of Scottish Freemasonry and we opened up a lodge of discussion. I was happy to listen to and see the brethren opening up their hearts and thoughts and sharing them in open lodge. The only way to achieve true brotherhood is to listen and get to know one another.

In our regular meeting, we will be conducting a 3rd degree. I urge you to attend in show of support to our lodge as well as our newer brethren.

In lieu of an emergent meeting, we will be opening and closing the lodge in order to attend, as a delegation, Doric Lodge on their D.D.G.M. official visit. I highly encourage all of you to be there. The D.D.G.M. will be starting his official visits to lodges in our district, his visitation calendar will be shared with you so that you may attend as many as you wish.

I look forward to seeing you all,

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Elias Lakkis W.M. 2019-20