The master’s chair

As your newly Installed Master, I would like to thank everyone from St. Andrew’s Lodge for your help last evening.  Whether it was with the set-up, festive board, assisting visitors, doing ritual or by your physical presence, everyone pitched in to help make the evening a success.  The night was very special for me, and I couldn’t be happier to have spent it in the company of such fine men.

We have a busy year in store, but for this short time, please accept my thanks for a job well done, and congratulate yourselves on having completed such a successful year.  We accomplished a lot – we got ourselves back on track after a difficult period – and we should be proud of what we have achieved.  Our lodge is well situated to succeed as we look to the future.

We have now established ourselves as a première lodge in our District.  We’ve got a busy year in store, but I am looking forward to it and to spending time with the rest of the Brethren in our lodge.  Enjoy the Summer, and I hope to see you all back in the Lodge in the Fall, as we Initiate our two next candidates.