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Book Club

A comment we often hear from our new members is that they do not know what to read or they do not know where to find the books that are being referred to in lodge.

The Book Club of St. Andrew’s Lodge is an initiative that aims to make Masonic written material more accessible to all of our members and to advance our education program within our lodge.

The Nature of Freemasonry The Nature of Freemasonry Freemasonry Hubert S. Box
The Mythology of the Secret Societies The Mythology of the...
People have always been fascinated by secret societies--and never more so than today, when our post-Da Vinci Code imaginations are...
Non-fiction J. M. Roberts Button
Auto Draft The Meaning of Masonry
What is the point of Freemasonry? Why do we have degrees and what is this "path" Masons are supposed to...
Freemasonry W. L. Wilmshurst Button
The Meaning of Freemasonr The Meaning of Freemasonry
This Is A New Release Of The Original 1874 Edition.
Freemasonry Albert Pike Button
The Masons and the Rosy Cross The Masons and the...
A fascinating look into the history of the guilds and their connections to Rosslyn Chapel. Written by Robert Brydon F.S.A...
Freemasonry, History, Knights Templar Robert Brydon
The Masonic Manual The Masonic Manual
The Masonic Manual: Guidelines for Freemasonry. This Is A New Release Of The Original 1853 Edition.
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If you want borrow one of the books in this catalog you must be a member of St. Andrew’s Lodge.

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