The master’s chair

Here we are already in March and spring is just around the corner.

We will be conducting a very special Lodge at our regular meeting. St Andrew’s is proud to host the second annual Candle Light Reading of the Old Charges. This is a must-see and I am looking very forward to seeing many of the District’s newest Masons in attendance. I encourage everyone to show your support and spread the word to the other Brethren in the

We will be holding an Emergent meeting on March 21 to Raise Brother Jesus Federico to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. This entire degree will be done by RW Bro John Forster and I encourage everyone to show their support for Bro. Federico as well as to RW Bro Forster.

There will be a special Lodge at the Perley Rideau on March 14 which will tyle at 7:00 pm. I will in attendance and I invite all the Brethren from St Andrew’s to join me.

St Andrew’s is hosting a Night of Tribute to RW Bro Ron Campbell on April 20 at the Masonic Centre at 2140 Walkley Road. Social is at 6:00 and Dinner at 7:00. RW Bro Campbell has been instrumental in writing, editing and administering our Ontario Constitution as well as his work with the Masonic Foundations for decades and it is time we showed him how proud we are of his accomplishments. Tickets are $40.00 and are available from either myself or the Lodge Secretary.

As usual, for the brethren who have not been able to attend lodge, I hope this finds you happy and healthy and that your circumstances will soon permit you to return to the lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Angus Gillis W.M. 2018-19